CLASSIC LINE – for every skin type
1.000 Kč
1:15 hr
clasic line

Universally applicable and suited to every skin type, the classic line from Methode Brigitte Kettner has an activating, stimulating, intensively regulating effect and prevents early signsof aging. From classical cleansing and care to special, deep-down problem-solvers for hypersensitive skin prone to reddening and allergic reaction.

ARGILO THERAPIE - a gentle force from nature
1.300 Kč
1:15 hr
argilo therapie

Argilo applications are a combination of plant extracts, minerals and trace elements and thus form an effective method of treatment. Argilo cosmetics are particularly recommended for customers who face hypersensitive reactions to classical cosmetic products. In the case of serious problems the skin is calmed and prepared for subsequent treatments.

AP LINE - enjoy the sun without a care!
1.700 Kč
1:15 hr
ap line

The ap line from Methode Brigitte Kettner is an elegant synthesis of ultramodern technology and natural, high-quality plant extracts. An ideal solution for hyperpigmented, environmentally stressed and sun-damaged skin.The products lighten up existing pigmentation marks gently but effectively – and at the same time prevent new pigmentation marks from occurring. Used regularly, it can “repair” cell damage and provide ideal protection for the skin against free radicals.

COUPEROSE SPECIAL - excellent results!
1.700 Kč
1:15 hr

This treatment reduces redness, decongests, soothes the skin by stimulating vaso-constriction and circulation. Anti-irritant and antioxidant couperose serum, vitamin C and a mask for sensitive/rosacea skin, calms and imparts antioxidant properties, building your skin’s natural immunity against aging. Helps to halt and stabilize the visible signs of rosacea. Skin is gently cleansed.

MINILIFTING – with spectacular effect!
1.700 Kč
1:15 hod

Used in combination, natural, plant based isoflavones (phytohormones) and specially produced, naturally occurring collagen and elastin building blocks firm, sculpt and regenerate the skin, causing first signs of premature skin aging to disappear.
Maximum effect on the basis of naturally active ingredients – used regularly, liftline gives your skin a real glow, making it look healthier and younger – and taking years off your appearance!

SKINNOVATION - gives yourself completely new skin

SkinNovation is NOT a short-term, superficial peeling treatment, but a complete system that gives you a completely new skin. It is based on professional applications that not only remove the dead skin cells but also stimulate the underlying skin to form new tissue. With its carefully blended and matched special products. SkinNovation offers maximum results before, during and after the treatment, without harming the skin. Also suitable for sensitive skin!

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